Who We Are

Nick and Stef or StifNeck Dorsell!

We are Stef Russell and Nick Doran, also know as Stifneck Dorsell!  We are an Irish couple living in South Korea.  We have been teaching English here since November 2011, and it was here that we first discovered cycle touring.  It was on our first trip, around the Korean Island of Jeju, that the idea came to us to cycle home to Ireland.  Having recently gotten married, and after what will be over 4 years in Korea, the time has come to start thinking about what's next.  For us, that's what we're calling 'our big cycle' or 'Bike Back Home'!

Just Married!! Stef Russell & Nick Doran officially become 'StifNeck Dorsell in February 2015!!

Nick Doran: Hi, I’m Nick. I’m from Dublin, Ireland, but I currently live in South Korea with my girlfriend (!) wife, Stef Russell.  I have always been fairly bananas about adventure since I was pretty young.  Throughout college I took every opportunity I could to travel in the name of adventure, usually with a kayak over my shoulder.  Also, since primary school in Ireland, I have always cycled everywhere and biking has played a huge part in my life, both in commuting and adventure.  The inspiration to cycle through life came from my mum; who cycled me everywhere before I could move my feet in circles; and, from my late granddad who, in his youth, was a champion cyclist.  His stories, photos and trophies enthralled me. Eight years ago I was lucky to meet and fall in love with Stef, who has also always cycled. Together, with our love for adventure and cycling, and after what will be a total of 4 years spent in South Korea, we will undertake a joint adventure to travel back home to Ireland by bicycle.

Nick Doran

Stef Russell: I was born and raised in Dublin, but for as long as I remember I’ve always been lost in thoughts of my next adventure.  I finished studying in May 2009 and have been travelling and working abroad ever since.  Cycle touring is a relatively new thing for me but since our first trip in August 2012 I’ve been hooked.  For me, half the fun of anything is in the planning, and I think it’s safe to say I’ll get my fair share of planning with this trip! Experiences have always meant a lot more to me than material things and I value my time and energy over material wealth, tending to live by the rule “work to live" rather than "live to work".   After over four years living in South Korea, our minds and hearts had begun thinking about what next, and when the idea to cycle back home came to us, we knew immediately that we wanted to do it.  So here we are, itching to get started, and as soon as our contracts in Korea are finished at the end of February, we’ll be on our way!, on the way back home, on our bikes!

Stef Russell

If you have any questions about Bike Back Home, please don't hesitate to send us a mail at bikebackhome@gmail.com