Sunday, 17 May 2015

First Spin of the Spring with Friends and New Saddles

Spring was in swing. The local paddy field frogs had their evening chorus harmonised, the birds were tweeting, our new saddles had just arrived and the balmy weather was giving us a serious itch for some biking!

So, on the first weekend of May a group of six of us saddled up and hit the road for a banter filled spin straight out to the coast for a nights camping and sunset watching.  Our intrepid crew was: Laura Grobler, Zach Vanderplate, Will McDonald, Reagan Redd, Stef and me.

The posse en route to the coast

We amassed at our apartment on the University campus in Hongseong, where we work, at around 1pm on Saturday, sorted out our bikes and off we went. 

On the way, we hit up a supermarket on the edge of town to stock up on supplies where we got some samgyeopsal (삼겹살)  - pork belly - and various banchan (반찬) - side dishes - for dinner that evening.

It was a pure bohemian first-cycle of the spring, at a cruisey pace, along small tracks winding through paddy fields with great banter the whole time. We even found a pagoda tucked into the side of the road amongst the paddy fields that was calling out for a shady pit stop with a cold beer.

After a well deserved break, having committed to a reunion at the same pagoda doing the same thing 40 years from now, we jumped on our bikes and away we went.

The cycle and banter continued like this for the rest of the weekend and our flame was once again fully fuelled for more spins. 

But I'm not gonna waffle any more. I think the pictures say it best...

Pagoda Pit Stop

Paddy Fields

Zach Marking his Territory


Bombing the Hills

Intrepid adventurers

Zach Attack

Discerning Goat

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