Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Howdy folks!

This is just a quick review of the weekend and the fundraiser that we held in Travelers Bar in Daejeon. We raised roughly ₩1,300,000 or around €980, which includes a very generous commitment of ₩500,000 won from the lovely people at the Irish Association of Korea. 

We are now over one tenth of the way to our goal of €30,000 thanks to the enormous generosity of all you lovely folks out there. We've been truly overwhelmed with the support that we've received so far in undertaking this adventure and charity fundraiser. Now, there are only 21 days to go before we take off. We still have lots of organising and planning to do but it's all exciting and the support we are getting is only turbo charging that excitement!

Cheers everyone :)
P.S. Pictures of Stef's head to come!

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