Friday, 15 January 2016

Stef's Charity Head Shave

In order to raise more awareness of what we are doing and to get the ball rolling on donations, I've (it's Stef here!) decided to shave my head!

We're having a fundraiser here in Korea before we leave (we're now aiming to leave from our apartment on the 24th of February) and we thought it might draw a bit more of a crowd if we raffled off the right to shave my head on the night, so that's what we're doing!  Nick, and two other poor unfortunate friends of ours, have also said they'll allow someone to wax their legs for a laugh (and hopefully more money)!

We're having the event here in Daejeon on Saturday the 30th of January which means in 15 days time I'm going to look something similar to the above picture! I can't wait!

To donate, just follow the link by clicking here and donate as little or as much as you can.  And, just to remind you all again, all money raised is going straight to Headstong and we won't be using a penny of it to pay for our trip home.

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